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Let´s go beyond the smart building together

We think it is reasonable that the building tributes to its surroundings and increase well-being among users by design and management. If the idea of the smart city is to be scaled up, digitalization cannot be a project, but a result of a sustainable way of working.

Why we should go beyond together

We believe that all new technology should accelerate the transition to a sustainable society and increased well-being. Over 50% of the world's population lives in big cities and 90% of the time is spent indoors, which is why we see buildings as one of the most important pieces in the sustainability puzzle.

Let´s go beyond the sustainable building together

With ProptechAssistant and ProptechCore we use the best of both cloud and edge technology in our journey from sensor to impact. Today 96% of proptech data gets lost in transition and 90% is unstructured. Built environment is 40% of the carbon issue. With ProptechAssistant we make sure data and context is in place for insights needed when it comes to our data driven sustainability journey, now and forever.

Let´s go beyond the adaptive & autonomous building together

Today’s buildings have less computing and insight capabilities than the phone in your pocket. With ProptechCore we add the brain that the smart and sustainable building deserves. When connecting all at the edge with modern technologies and capabilities, we get adaptive and autonomous in real-time. We believe buildings need to go from cloud smart to street smart in the era of being sustainable in real-time.

How we go beyond together - join the movement

We have found a new way of fetching and managing real estate data over the built environment lifecycle, together with an eco-system of real estate owners, real estate developers, operational technology companies, installation companies and IoT companies. We use the same mindset and approach as Home Assistant but in Proptech, we simply call this ProptechAssistant by ProptechCore.

Let´s go beyond making impact and accelerate together

We have gathered gurus enabling this, partners supporting this and investors funding the journey. We believe this journey is all about making impact and accelerate that the built environment become digital sustainable over time. To make impact and accelerate we need to grow in all directions, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you believe this is a journey for you as an employee, advisor or investor.

Let´s go beyond making impact and accelerate together